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The Red Line is coming! The Red Line is coming!

Chicago Train Track is a free app for people riding trains on the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority). Whether you live in Chicago or are just visiting, this is the fastest way to find out when the next trains are getting to your station.

Each stop tells you when the next train is expected to arrive. It tells you the time, and conveniently tells you the number of minutes away. If the train is about to pull into the station, it says "Approaching". And sometimes, the CTA knows about the next two or three trains, which can be helpful.

Full support for every stop on every CTA line:

  • Red Line
  • Blue Line
  • Brown Line
  • Green Line
  • Orange Line
  • Purple Line (and Express)
  • Pink Line
  • Yellow Line

You can add stops to your "favorites", which means you see them first every time you open the app; at-a-glance info, for maximum convenience!

Chicago Train Track

It's available for Android, for free:

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with the CTA in any way. The CTA provides the data via its Train Tracker API.