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I'm not really accustomed to being attacked like this by a group of people -- usually it happens face to face, one person at a time. But now, after the 2.0 update to MLB Scoreboard, there's been a flood of vitriol aimed squarely at me and my (rudimentary) design sensibilities.

I thought the old design was getting old and crufty, and was kind of ugly. So I tried to fancy it up a bit. And I thought that was mostly successful, and I like the app more now.

And then ... the users got their hands on it.

Mike (Galaxy Nexus):

Backward step Big step backward. Settings menu disappeared. Slide out menu flat against background with no transparency: visually confusing. Push button menus. Aging icons. White background saps battery on AMOLED devices; no way to switch.

Ed (Galaxy SII):

"Improvement????" Now you get the scores on half of a screen? So pathetic I wish I could give zero stars. Actively looking for an alternative!

Tom (Galaxy Nexus):

Update This app sucks now!!!! Wtf!!! Half screen scores and now the team selection only shows home and away. Get with it. Rate 1 star. Don't download til its fixed. Lame.

Christine (Droid 4):

Update is terrible! This new update is aweful! Terrible! Put it back they way it was!!!

Mike (Galaxy S):

Alrite New update is bad but it doesnt freeze anymore put back scores the way they were please and will rate 5 stars

John (Acer Picasso):

Love the data provided but not the new layout I have to agree with the rest of the reviewers who want you to switch it back. the new layout isn't too bad on my tablet but terrible on my phone .

John (Galaxy Tab 10.1):

Update Latest update not as good as prior. Please revert.

B (Asus Transformer Pad TF300T):

Latest update seems to have removed the menu button which means I can't access current standings. Please restore that functionality.*

* I'm sorry to say, I'm not 100% sure I know what B is talking about here. The menu button still works on my phone ... maybe it doesn't on a tablet? Can anyone verify that for me?

Vicki (Galaxy S):

Bring back the old version I can barely read the scores with it being condensed to one side. I don't see the point as the other half of the screen is blank. Please return the format to the full screen.

Christian (Galaxy Nexus):

If it aint broke... The new interface is AWFUL. This software was amazing until the publisher decided to give it a new interface. Three stars at best now...please give us back the old interface!!

Manuel (LGE Optimus One):

Please change to other version The previous version was better and I liked the black background much better. Please change to previous version.

Eddy (Galaxy S):

Update Sucks Don't like the version since latest update half screen scores are just plain stupid.

Anthony (Droid RAZR):

New update sucks This was a nice clean app before the update. Now it is a visual mess. Please revert back to the old style.

At least it wasn't all bad.

Sam (EVO Shift 4G):

Love it

That's ... pretty much the only positive feedback I've gotten.

This is what the old menu looked like:

Old slide-out menu

And here's what it looks like now, in version 2.1:

New slide-out menu

Did I say 2.1? Yup. That's just been released.

I want to find some balance between being responsive to feedback and sticking to my own sensibilities. I know that people respond angrily to change, even if the change is better -- but also that if everyone thinks something is bad, they just might be right.

I feel that this tweak, just extending the schedule so it covers the whole screen (on a phone, anyway), will be enough to staunch some of the flow of bad reviews. I'm sure there will be more things I need to change, to keep my 53,240 users as happy with MLB Scoreboard as I am.

If you want to see what everyone is so mad about, go download MLB Scoreboard 2.1 now!