Sean Schulte

Twitter: @sirsean


For my new application, I'm using MongoDB and need to be able to connect to the authenticated database in production, but not necessarily in my development environment. I couldn't find anywhere online that shows specifically how to do that, so I'll post it here.

MongoMapper.connection =['db_hostname'])
MongoMapper.database = config['db_name']
if config['db_username']
    MongoMapper.connection[config['db_name']].authenticate(config['db_username'], config['db_password'])

Note that I'm using MongoMapper, which is excellent.

The key here is that I set up a connection using the hostname (or IP address) of the database server, then set the database I want to use. Then if I've specified authentication parameters, it attempts to authenticate against the database server. If I haven't specified authentication information, this will assume I want to try to connect unauthenticated (and my database is running in non-authenticated mode).

Pretty simple.