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I've long noticed that when I'm writing an email, my voice comes out better than when I'm writing a blog. It seems to me that this has to do with the idea of an intended audience -- when writing an email, I'm writing to someone, but when writing a blog I'm just writing and the audience is "everyone." (Though in reality it's more like "no-one.")

I've had this thought in the past and it's never made any difference for me. Whenever I sit down and start writing a blog entry, my "voiceless" voice comes out and it doesn't sound like me any more. Personally, I find this unacceptable. I simply need to do a better job of writing blogs like I do emails, even if I come off more insulting, less understandable, and more opaque. I think it'll be for the best.

Most people I read online don't seem to have this problem, which leads me to wonder what my problem might be. I guess it's that to me this feels like "public speaking," as opposed to "talking to somebody you know," and I see a big difference between those two acts.

Although I'm good at neither, just for the record.

Maybe what I need to do is not "pretend" that I'm talking to one person, but instead just talk for myself. As if, say, I'm talking to myself. I do that often, and maybe that'd be the best way to bring out my voice in online writing.

In my head. I'm not crazy.

I don't think there's a single solution to this issue (is there ever?), but I want to solve it for myself so my online writing doesn't seem so foreign to me.

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