Sean Schulte

Twitter: @sirsean


Yet another "analyst" is saying that Twitter can never make money, and everyone should be afraid of that. This particular person is warning "real companies with real revenue" to stay away and not buy them.

Frankly, I don't care if Twitter gets bought, and I don't care if they ever make money. And I also don't care if they go out of business and disappear. How difficult would it be for someone to build a new one? A small scale one, that's interoperable with a dozen other small scale replacement-Twitters?

The answer, in case, you were wondering, is "not difficult at all." Sure it'll take a couple of months to come up with an open standard, and there'll have to be some lowest-common-denominator so it can still work via SMS (because for some reason people care about that). iPhone applications will have to be rewritten to be able to log in to multiple services. Same with desktop clients, and everything else. But adding new authentication options would be pretty trivial.

It's bound to happen, whether Twitter runs out of money and has to go out of business, or they get bought and their new owner screws everything up, or they try to monetize it and it gets annoying for everyone.

But, honestly, who cares? Nobody's that invested in Twitter that they can't jump over to something else. The only thing keeping you on Twitter is the people you're following, and that are following you. An interoperable system that allows you to have the same communications would be just as good, and would be just as trivial to sign up for.

Honestly, I can't figure out why everyone's so worked up about how Twitter might possibly make money. It's not our problem.